Non-Ethanol Gasoline

We are a supplier of Non-Ethanol Gasoline.  We supply both Regular Unleaded Non-Ethanol (87 Octane) and Super Unleaded Non-Ethanol (92 Octane).  Many older vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. greatly benefit from the use of ethanol-free fuels.

You are able to purchase Non-Ethanol Gas via:

  • Our Pacific Pride in Chelan
    • Dedicated pump is located along tank-farm fence
    • Both Regular (87) and Super (92) are available
    • Pacific Pride or other accepted commercial cards are required for purchase (no cash or check)
  • These locations in our area
  • Bulk Delivery
    • 100 gallon minimum
  • 55 Gallon Drum

Please contact us for more information about Non-Ethanol Gasoline