Pacific Pride Commercial Fueling

Green Petroleum is a member of the Pacific Pride network, a network of over 1,500 independent distributors providing nationwide fueling access with one card.  With your Pacific Pride Access Card from Green Petroleum, you will be able to keep track of your company’s fuel usage with one statement for all of your transactions.


Pacific Pride  Benefits:

  • 24/7 access to all sites
  •  No waiting in long lines
  •  Competitive Prices
  •  2 grades of Gasoline and On-road Diesel at all locations
  •  Sites are conveniently located and well-lit.
  •  Truck and trailer access
  •  Online Site Directory (including an interactive map search & route finder)
  •  iPhone App and Android App
  •  1-800 line for 24-hour directions to any site (1-800-929-9399)
  •  Customized cards to fit your company’s needs.
  •  Control the types and amounts of fuel for each card
  •  Assign card to each driver or vehicle to keep accurate record of fuel usage/costs
  •  Cards also accepted wherever FuelMan is.  This includes many retail locations (pay-at-pump only) such as Chevron, Mobil, Exxon and Sinclair gas stations.  Use the Online Site Directory or phone apps to find a fueling location.